Service Customers

Service Customers After 2 years that car starts to feel old Alex Snyder

I get it.  Prospecting in the service lane isn't easy.  You're trying to strike-up a conversation with a customer that is only there to get some work done on her car.  The last thing she's thinking about is trading it.

Instead of "upping" service customers you can offer to send them a compelling offer in their email.  

'Hello, I am Alex and I work in the sales department.  We have a new technology that could be financially enlightening for you.  It is something I can email you, so you can use it on your own time.  You'll be able to look at all of our cars and see all the payment options that fit you.  Quite a few people have realized they can save some money and get a more exciting car!  It is a free service to you.  Would you like me to email it or text it to you?"

Because you're not having a long conversation with someone trying to get in and out this is less-threatening approach for the customer.  Especially when you are sincere about providing them a service that doesn't sound like a sales pitch. 

Let me know how this works for you.  I'm always available for a chat.

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