Release | Virtual BDC, new illuminations, and more CRM automation

Dec 2019

We have some new stuff for you today.  The one I am most excited about is something we call... 


A virtual BDC located in the United States that works 7 days a week to make sure your leads are 100% worked properly.    


  • We weed-out the non-responsive leads and GIFT-wrap the qualified leads for your store â€Ķa dream for current Internet managers and BDC agents!
  • Our BDC makes calls just as one of your employees would inside your CRM
  • The differentiator is to focus on making sure the customer received your quote.  It is not a blind call asking for an appointment immediately, but we do ask for the appointment when the time is right.
  • Our team has an average of 3 years of experience dialing automotive customers.  As one who ran a BDC at the Checkered Flag auto group, I know how hard it is to find that kind of experience!

📞 More RESPONSEiQ details on our website - it works WITH your current BDC making them more efficient or alongside your sales floor to act as a BDC 🎁

New illuminations & reaction


​Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 10.22.46 AM​

New illumination:  When a customer re-opens a quote you'll know.  
New illumination:  When a customer looks at the vehicle listings page you'll know.  And you'll know what they searched for.

​Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 10.19.13 AM​

New reaction improvement:  ðŸ‘ "I want to SEE it!" instead of "I'll take it." 

As more of you are putting illumiQUOTE on your website we are focused on providing more conversion points for your online shoppers to show themselves.  As "I'll take it" can seem intimidating, we figured it was time to tone that intimidation factor back.  Most shoppers want to see the car first.  

More CRM Automation

This is a combination of things, so hang with me.  This is also the MOST IMPORTANT of additions that can help your operations efforts.  And I crammed it in the middle to see who is paying attention.

​Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 10.20.58 AM​

The customer details page you have enjoyed in your daily email report is now going to your CRM and the stats page.  We've made a few improvements to it too!

Take a look at one we have been using for testing.

We will be adding this to the ADFs we send to your CRM.  It means your people will not need to log into illumiQUOTE to see what is going on with their customer.  If they are logged into illumiQUOTE they will get the full experience with the phone number and email address shown.  If they are not logged-in that information is obfuscated.  However, that should not be an issue as they will be looking at these customer details pages inside your CRM where all that contact information is already exposed.

On the illumiQUOTE realtime stats page, you can click on any illumination and also pull up the customer details page now.  This used to show the vehicle details page which only told the story of that customer's journey on one vehicle.  Now you get the whole journey + the ability to click on a car for vehicle specifics.

Data provider change

We have switched our inventory spec (VIN exploder is the slang term) from Chrome to DataOne.  Although Chrome has been the leader for decades, their technology is not as up to date as DataOne.  Trying to work with old technology is hard.  It was slowing us down on making cool new stuff.  But that wasn't the only reason...

In the near future we will redesign the vehicle listings page in a way that allows you and your customers to search for all SUVs with a moonroof, AWD, and third-row seating for less than $500 a month with $0 down, as an example.

It allows us to more quickly build a recommended vehicle feature.  DataOne also has direct matching with our bank & incentive provider that will create better consistencies.  And many, many more things to come 😉

Oh yeah, and how about something for you today?

​Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 10.18.55 AM​

At the bottom of every vehicle details page, you will notice the absence of a lengthy section of safety stats and standard equipment that nobody looked at.  In its place is a much more helpful warranty information area that changes based on the term and mileage a customer chooses.  

Let's call this Warranty soft-selling phase 1.  We have ideas for it, and we'd love to hear yours too.

✈ In flight:

  • Remove taxes and fees from the inventory while giving the customer a "hook" to get their out the door payment/price after submitting a lead form.  Place a payment range on the vehicle listings page.
  • More ADF points to align the CRM to illumiQUOTE experience further.
  • More usability updates for the customer.
  • More tax enhancements.
  • A new URL device to allow the marketers out there to do some incredibly deep tracking and A/B testing.

All of us at FRIKINtech wish you a Merry Holiday Season!