Release | Video for your website, SCRIPTiQ, and more

Making your customers' lives better in SALESiQ and WEBSITEiQ

Video for your website

Need a 'splainer video for your customers?  Something to entice them into WEBSITEiQ's payments on your cars?  This is available for you to download below.

If you would like to have your branding added and/or colors changed to represent your brand better Extensity Creativewill do this for you for $300.  We can get you in touch with them.  Just reply to this email.

SCRIPTiQ for chat, Google Analytics, etc.

Want to put your chat tool into SALESiQ?  Want to measure traffic in Google Analytics?  Want to retarget people with a Facebook Pixel?  

Add your script to SALESiQ. can get it done for you.

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.02.46 AM

A note on chat:  some chat tools will overlay the payments on mobile.  And some managed chat services are not trained to handle this kind of payment transparency.

🍒 CHERRY PICK!  The above dealership uses CarNow and Podium.  They decided to leave CarNow on their website for their managed chat service, but keep the incredibly engaged SALESiQ customers in the hands of the dealership staff with Podium's texting capabilities.  These are the Glengarry leads 🤑

Tracking previously viewed cars

When a customer opens a vehicle details page that vehicle will be "pinned" to the top of the listing page for them to keep track of what they previously saw.

The really cool part is this will remain there through all of their future browsing sessions without them ever needing a login to SALESiQ!   And we will track when they remove a pinned car so you know they may not be interested in that car anymore.

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 8.48.34 AM

Other things

  • Made the stats page faster
  • Removed the comments box for logged-in users when making manual illumiQUOTEs
  • Changed the label and X icon on "Closed" activities to sound less negative as this is actually a positive event after someone has engaged with their illumiQUOTE.  It could mean they're driving in or have landed on what they want.  It now says "Customer finished looking at quote"
  • Lead navigation now matches stats with Hot Leads label
  • Fixed the help button on the VLP so subsequent sessions can relaunch it