Release | RELIEFiQ, Buy it Button, and Engagement News

We hope you're staying healthy!

Below, is our latest idea to help you stay engaged with your customers while we're all shying away from others.  Jump ahead to any of these sections:

  1. Engagement is trending up!
  2. Tomorrow, you get a "I want to Buy it" button
  3. For dealerships facing layoffs have been labeled non-essential sales businesses, RELIEFiQ is something to consider

Engagement is up

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 9.23.31 AM

View volume of illumiQUOTE across the United States

We do not have a direct explanation for why this weekend's engagement is outperforming the beginning of March, but I have a theory.  I'm in Vermont where my son's school was closed on March 8th and many businesses began to quarantine earlier than other parts of the country.  Up here, people have adjusted as best they can and now they're looking to feel like normal Americans again.  Over the weekend, I personally received more car-buying questions from friends than I have EVER received in my 30 years in this business.  I think people are trying to be normal.  

I want to Buy it button

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.01.21 AM

Coming tomorrow!

In order to give you better tools to keep engagement up, we are adding a tool to get people to indicate their buying desires.  This is the first enhancement in response to COVID-19 in a line of plans we have.  

Our entire engineering team is hands-on-keyboards-down working to develop more tools to help you stay engaged.  We have paused our original roadmap in order to work on things that fit your new needs.

Next up:  a better engagement point on your website.

RELIEFiQ for the "non-essential"

Let us work your Internet leads while you can't.  

In this tough time we can offer you engagement with your future buyers through our talents.  As your sales departments are being closed we know most dealerships lack the operational capacities to work remotely and answer the leads.  We can do this for you!

Later this week, we can answer your leads until May 24th (a Sunday) for $5 per lead.  Yes, we would like to offer this for free, but we couldn't make it pencil.  This level of service would normally run over $11 per lead.  It is a per lead charge because nearly every dealership is looking at a different volume of leads than usual and we felt this made the most sense.

Due to the below-cost-pricing we cannot continue to offer it after May 24th.  If we are still in this predicament, 60 days from now, we will figure something else out.

👋 Respond to this email if you are interested, and we will send you more details later this week.