Release Notes | Known Lead Alert


🔮 See the future

...we'd like to think these are your future floor ups.


Since releasing the Leads page to you, we have been toying with a new alert for ourselves that tells us when one of the visitors playing in illumiQUOTE becomes known to us.  


I'm not going to admit I have a problem, but I may need a 12 step program to stop looking at these notifications.  And now you can have the addiction too!


The difference between when someone originally enters illumiQUOTE, from your website or digital marketing, to when they finally decide to say "👋 tell me more" is fascinating.  We are seeing consumer behaviors that will shape the future of what we develop for you.


These alerts will fire when someone opens one of your automated emails from the CRM or when you send a manually-created quote to them too.  Very handy information!


Turn on Known Lead Alerts

Go to Settings >> Click on a Name >> Select "Emails when aLead becomes Known" >> Update

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 11.00.42 AM

Ideas for who could use these

Managers:  to get an idea of which customers are worth keeping an eye on.  Or pass them to your favorite bone king.  If they're really good, you could make them part of a spiff program.

ISMs & BDC Managers:  these are the Glengarry Glen Ross leads you want to make sure are coming in.  ABC!