Release | Email templates for COVID-19

I hope you're staying healthy!  As the world changes around us, FRIKINtech wants to give you two things:

  1. Encouragement
  2. Tools to keep engagement up

As your showrooms are lacking customers and the phones are not ringing as much, online traffic has not dipped as drastically.  Yes, we saw a small dip in illumiQUOTE traffic nationwide on Monday, but things started climbing yesterday.  It tells me people still want to buy a car!  

Our friends at Driven Data are reporting the same on website stats across the nation.  

It does look like major metro areas are feeling the stress the most.  This is understandable.  Customers are trying to adjust to this change and the more people that are around the more stress.  Once they find a new normal, they will do more.  And once it is safe to go out freely, people are going to be dying to get out of the house!  

Keep them engaged!  

You have illumiQUOTE.  Many other dealers are waking up to the fact that there is no better way to keep people engaged than sending a payment quote they can play with in the comfort and safety of home.

We put together some email templates you can use in your CRM, with illumiQUOTE, to do this RIGHT NOW!  If you need help setting them up, we are here.

Get your CRM templates here ⬇  

COVID-19 Email Templates

Stay healthy, and we will continue to think of more ways to help you keep your customers engaged while we all suffer through this time.

P.S.  Don't share those templates outside of your store. You don't want the competition getting a hold of them without some serious mystery shopping effort 🤫