Release | Blinder

August 2019

There's some new FRIKIN stuff to play with.  We are on a "live-ability" kick right now and that means we're working to make illumiQUOTE easier for you to live with.  We may or may not have selfishly done some of that for ourselves to better support you behind the scenes.

First up, the Blinder.  Yes, like a horse has around its eyes.  Except for your customers.  When you do not want a customer to get to other cars in your inventory send them a quote with this button:

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 2.47.31 PM

It does exactly what it says.  No navigation or search bar will take the customer to other cars.  Your branding is all they see at the top of the page.

Second, Stats Dates are more better.  They're not the most bestest all the way yet, but we're taking quick baby steps.  These stats used to run on 24 hour periods based on the current time.  Now they run on 24 hour increments based on midnight.  I agree, that's confusing and that is also why we changed it.  It should function more like real life now - how's that for simplifying it?

Last, Rebates on the loan and cash details screens are now in the MSRP and selling price section to show a subtotal more in-line with how traditional worksheets are done.  We are not done here!  More is coming soon to this section.

In the very near future:

  • ability to integrate with CRMs
  • changes to GM "Supplier" rebates
  • a fix that allows any rebate to be unchecked by you
  • better automating for VIN-specific rebates

And some more exciting pieces are on the heels of those!