Prestige Volvo


“I ain’t going back” was a phone call from Matt Haiken, Dealer Principle of Prestige Volvo, to Alex Snyder, CEO of FRIKINtech, a week after New Jersey was opened up for car sales following the initial COVID quarantine. Matt discovered how easy it was to sell cars through text messaging and emails with illumiQUOTE.

In April of 2020, Prestige Volvo was the #1 Volvo dealership in the nation with 1/4 of the staff and continuing to sell a used car for every new Volvo put over the curb. And he did it without a showroom! He sold hundreds of cars in the roughest month of the pandemic to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York quarantining residents.

Not only was Matt’s volume success exciting, so were his profits. He requested multiple pricing rule increases to the point where his PVR increases were in the 4 digit territory. His trick: only show customers illumiQUOTE. He learned a consistent payment presentation they could engage with led to more yes’s.