Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown


FRIKINtech’s start with MB of Hagerstown was a rocky one. Not only was this store incredibly advanced with their inventory pricing and feed rules, but was also progressive in all the tools they were utilizing. Mercedes co-ops another digital retailing solution they were using and it is a more open manufacturer with its data. Due to the openness there are a lot of solutions that do some cool things with email. This Hagerstown Benz dealer was definitely up on all of it, and not too keen at disrupting things that were already working for them.

Upon realizing the co-op’d digital retailing solution was not bringing much traffic in they put illumiQUOTE on their website. Within days the General Manager was in the marketing director’s office asking what he had done to sell them more used cars. iQ was the only change. The GM went back to the sold list and started comparing to known customers inside illumiQUOTE. He discovered they were all outside their market area.

illumiQUOTE is now the first response back to all internet leads, phone ups, and the follow-up for unsold floor traffic too.