Credit Card Billing

Credit Card Billing My card expired. Switching card. When is my card charged? Etc. 

It is our goal to make your experience as simple as possible.  Credit cards are a faster way to process payments and that's why they are our preferred payment method.

Changing Credit Cards

If your card expired or need to switch to a new credit card, you can notify our support team.  Email or update your card at

Payment Processing

FRIKINtech works off of agreements to lock-in your pricing at the time of purchase.  You are not contractually obligated to an annual term.  This means you can cancel at any time.  We believe this is the modern way of doing business and it pushes us to strive to keep you around.  

In comparison to other tools, you may be using we take payment in advance of service.  That is the trade-off to not being contractually obligated.  It is also why credit cards are preferred and to make that easier we discount for credit card payments.