Release | Insurance savings with Dealer Policy

Phase 1 of the Dealer Policy integrations allows customers to save money on their insurance

What can you do with a customer who just saved $63 a month on their insurance?  

Can you squeeze an Environmental package, Zurich Shield, a platinum 84 month extended warranty, the whole 96-month maintenance package, and a 1980s rust and dust into that kind of savings?  With $63 a month in savings, we're talking biblically old-school F&I menuing! 🤣  ...I'm joking.

In all seriousness, giving customers a way to save money is a huge value for you to bring to them.  And today we're automating it for you.  You do not need to do a thing.

And by the way, $63 a month is $3,780 of savings over 60 months.

Phase 1 (today)

When the customer clicks on "I want to buy this car" or "I want to drive this car" and submits their information we will present them with the option to save money on their car insurance for the car they are about to buy.

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 5.08.55 PM

Phase 2

Display their potential insurance savings right next to the illumiQUOTE payments and update it with their actual savings after they have gone through Dealer Policy.

Phase 3 and beyond

Update you with information about the customer you can use to better close them and better update your deal date with.  Dealer Policy attains customer information from the bureaus and many major insurance companies to create a robust customer profile showing their true buying potential.  

Credit applications and decisions through your F&I approval platforms flow smoother too.  And a number of other things we are working to integrate.

What if Dealer Policy isn't binding insurance in my state yet?

No worries, we will use the zip code of the customer to determine whether it is an eligible area for offering them a way to save on their insurance.

What if I do not want to have this feature in illumiQUOTE?

It is a simple checkbox in your settings you can turn off or on at any time.

What if I want to go full-on with Dealer Policy... 

...and benefit from all the cool things they offer?  Or what if I want to just learn more?

Reply to this email.  We'll hook you up!